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What is Ventures Unlimited?

A momentous thought process imbibed while deciding the name which means “An Endeavor which is Unrestricted & Boundless” which everyone associated with believes in.

How it all started…

In 2005, Mr. Vishal Vaghani, Director of one of a well known company in Plastics – “Milton Plastics Ltd.” identified the potential of industrial products and packaging in India and opted to diversify into these sectors. Vishal with his experience of more than 7 years in plastic industry and an MBA in Finance from University of Wales, instituted a thought which he called it “Ventures Unlimited”.

A new orientation…

Within the last few years India is emerging as a Global Power and sectors like automobiles, electronics, food-packaging, IT, construction are catching pace.

Ventures Unlimited has initiated manufacturing of “Automobile & White-Line components” under VEDZEN Enterprises in Pune. In 2006, Ventures acquired Jaideep Plastics situated at Satara. Vishal ambitious plans turned Jaideep which was only in Injection Moulding into one of the very few companies in India comprising of Injection moulding, Pressure Forming & Vaccum Forming. A complete unit which can cater to all kinds of food packaging with aesthetic value.

The development years…

The Pune manufacturing unit has Ferromatic Milacron machines which are one of the best for injection moulding. KAIZEN is one of the key attractions here.

The Satara manufacturing unit has 14 injection moulding machines with a full setup of thermoforming machines which includes an Extruder, a pressure forming machine and a vaccum forming machine. Considering the aesthetics part, the unit has four four-colour UV printing m/c and intends to upgrade into better printing technology.

The growth continues…

Ventures Unlimited as the name suggests is unrestricted & boundless in its approach and very soon would enter into another sector by acquiring an additional manufacturing plant.

Why Ventures Unlimited?

A though which provides all kinds of solutions in the sectors it has entered into. Vedzen Enterprises believes in on-time delivery and quality products. Jaideep Plastics can provide packaging solutions efficiently and cost-effectively with quality as its trademark.


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